Continuous Provision at Lunch Time

Continuous Provision at Lunchtime for Year 5 and Year 6

Here at Old Bank Academy, we know how important it is to provide continuous provision for students both inside and outside of the classroom; that’s why we’ve asked ProVision Sports to deliver sporting activities during lunchtime breaks.

“All our schools record lower negative behaviour referrals and greater lesson engagement in afternoon lessons. We involve pupils in playground leadership by working with them to plan and deliver dinner clubs that further develop children’s confidence and communication and organisational skills that have improved their educational attainment too.” Said Macca at ProVision Sports.

Continuous Provision at Lunchtime

Sports Provision

Sport is extremely beneficial for the students here at Old Bank Academy. As older children are beginning to mature and prepare for secondary school, it is important for them to practice key transferable skills such as teamwork, organisation, communication and leadership. All of which will help path their future in becoming successful academic learners and participants in sport.

Aside from students having fun, a continuous provision in sports also encourages students to follow a healthy and active lifestyle by taking part in regular exercise and enjoying the sport. Sport has the possibility of creating strong friendships between students whilst giving them good opportunities which they may not have the chance outside of schools to show their talent. 

“Teaching sport at Old Bank Academy has been a great opportunity and chance to be a role model to the students to inspire them to play sport outside of school. After a sedentary year of the pandemic, it has been so beneficial for the students to restart their active lives, mature and prepare for secondary school and improve their behaviour both in class and on the playground in my lessons.” Said Harry at ProVision Sports.

Sport has the ability to change behaviour as participating in team sports exposes them to strict decisions that may go against them and the students have to learn and adapt to the outcomes. “To compare the behaviour from the beginning of my work at Old Bank Academy to now, I can honestly say the students have a lot more decorum and are so much more disciplined. The students have learned to cope with bad decisions and not to fall out and lose their heads with their peers.”  Said Harry at ProVison Sports.

Activity Provision at Lunch Time

The sports are chosen by us at Old Bank Academy, or ProVision Sports can plan it for us if we choose. Their professional coaches arrive 15 minutes prior to every session with a detailed session plan. ProVision Sports know the importance of lunchtime/dinner time clubs and understand that engaging pupils help avoid boredom or inactivity that prevents afternoon study progress. That’s why we have chosen ProVision to deliver the sports club through our lunchtime breaks.

We let our pupils decide which sport they want to play at lunchtime, which is usually Football or Basketball. “I teach a wide range of sports including football, basketball, cricket, American football, rounders etc. The most popular sports are basketball and football where most of the students fully participate.” Said Harry at ProVision Sports.

Activity Provision at Lunch Time

Some of the other sports activity provision available are:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Dodgeball
  • Ball Games
  • Multi Sports
  • Street Dance
  • Selection of different dance genres
  • Zumba
  • Bootcamp
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Fun and active mixed
  • Games
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Hockey

We have had enormous success with dinner time clubs and the year 5 and year 6 children thoroughly enjoy this experience.

ProVision make a Positive Impact

All the students, teachers and support staff are really happy with the sporting activities that ProVision supplies.

Headteacher Judy Wood says “I was recommended ProVision by Rachel Ainsworth- Mirfield Hub co-ordinator- I contacted them and spoke to Macca (Macauley Parkinson – ProVision Manager) who came into school to discuss what they could offer. 

We discussed the need for sports following lockdown and how our older pupils would really benefit from this additional sports coaching before transitioning to high school. We also discussed how sports can help to instil discipline, teamwork and increase mental wellbeing! 

Since having ProVision in school, we have noticed an improvement in lunchtime activity and a positive impact on pupils social, emotional and mental health. The coaches are great, interact well with pupils & staff and their experience ensures that sports are taught properly.”

Forward Thinking

This is something we will continue providing for our students and will eventually expand the sports on to our younger students when COVID restrictions relax. If you’re interested to find out more about our academy, check out the Old Bank Academy prospectus and contact us today!

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