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We’re officially on Instagram @oldbankacademy

A picture says a thousand words, so that’s why we’ve decided to join Instagram! It’s a chance for parents to see what our students are up to in their own time. We’ll keep parents in the loop through images every week posted on our Instagram channel @oldbankacademy.

A place where you can quickly and easily see what we’re up to at school through images and videos week on week.

We know it can be hard for parents to drop their children off at school and not know what they are up to during school hours. We can also appreciate that we all have busy lives, particularly those parents that don’t have the time to keep up with the latest news, events and activities taking place at school.

Instagram @oldbankacademy

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

No matter which social media platform you chose to be on, we’ve got you covered! As we’re officially on the 3 most popular social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re not on any social media platforms, you can keep in the loop through the news page on our website. There you will find weekly blogs and seasonal newsletters showing you what we’ve been up to.

Instagram OldBankAcademy

Instagram for Academies

Since Facebook took over Instagram in 2012, it’s gone through a lot of algorithm updates. These updates have had a ripple effect on how much the platform has changed, as it’s been transformed from sharing images intro an advertising powerhouse for some. However, Instagram still operate on the importance of sharing content to engage with followers and for schools this is a strategy that’s essential for schools today.

Instagram is growing to be a major player in all schools and districts’ marketing and communications strategies. Some go as far as saying “it’s features offer more engagement opportunities than any other channels, and it reaches a wider range of generations than most platforms.”

Instagram is the visual social media network, allowing you to tell your school’s story, show your authenticity, have fun with your school’s brand, community, and environment. 

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