Old Bank Academy Improve Safeguarding with Automated Gates.

We take safeguarding seriously at Old Bank Academy, we know it’s our responsibility to cover every aspect of a child’s well-being when in our care on school premises.

As parents, we all want to walk away from the school gates knowing that our children are safe when dropping them off in the morning. As teachers and carers, we also want peace of mind knowing that adults and children will be secure on school premises. That’s why we’re updating our school gates; out with the old and in with the new. We’re getting rid of the old-fashioned manual gates and upgrading to some automated electrical gates.

Old Bank Academy Improve Safeguarding at School

Automatic Gates in School Carpark

More often than not, the most insecure area in schools tends to be the staff car park. Families and staff aside, it’s also a point of access for external visitors. This makes it a difficult area to manage for most schools. Although we’ve not had any issues in the past and currently have a good handle on security so far; these automated gates provide an extra layer of safeguarding for us all, as it restricts access on site. The new gates will stop pedestrians and vehicles coming onto the premises that shouldn’t. With the high-tech entry system, we have a better way of checking who is coming in and out of the academy, providing optimum security.

Entrance to Old Bank Academy

Automated Gate Systems

Ase Autogate Limited have been working with our school to determine which gate will work best for us. They have been on-site all week to provide us with an automated gate solution for our car park. By the end of the week, they will have installed a fully automated gate solution. As a result, next week only staff with authorised access can enter via the car park. This will give us access control for parents and visitors through video and intercom. We’re also going to be getting an automated pedestrian gate to make our academy fully secure from all entrance and exit points very soon.

Sensors for automated gates

School Safeguarding

Improving the security of our perimeter is just one part of our approach to enhance safeguarding measures within the academy. Although automated gates have many benefits, including stopping intruders and providing authorised access. Our main objectives are not only to keep us all safe but to also encourage parents entering and exiting the school premises to use the pedestrian gate. Although COVID restrictions have interfered with our access points right now, ultimately our automated gates will encourage parents to use the pedestrian gate when dropping their children off at school to ensure safer access. As always, we’ll continue to greet you at the gates at the beginning of school hours to welcome your children to the academy. If you have any questions regarding the gates, please feel free to contact us.

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